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Our practice specializes in the health care industry, not only for humans but for our beloved animal companions as well. We know the veterinary industry inside and out. We have staff who have worked in the veterinary field, and we appreciate the unique business constraints and pressures faced by veterinary practices. We also know how vitally important efficient and cost-effective management is for a veterinarian, which is why we provide easily accessible legal services that are uncomplicated by legal jargon.

When veterinarians think of buying or altering the ownership structure of their practice such as buy-ins, there are many aspects that need to be taken into account, including goodwill, facilitating the transfer of assets, entering into partnership arrangements, or share-expense arrangements, as well general issues relating to leases and associate agreements.

Additionally, veterinarians who are contemplating selling their practice or hospital need to ideally plan far in advance to maximize their profit and to ensure their practice is in good hands.

Our specialized legal team is able to help you plan your practice and assist you with any subsequent legal complications so you can focus your attention on what you love best; practicing medicine and helping animals and those who love them.

Our veterinary legal team has many years of experience working on behalf of solo practitioners, partnerships, and large groups.

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