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The office space of your practice is an important one. Whether you are opening a new practice and ready to sign a new lease or you need help negotiating a new lease, we can help guide you through the process. In addition to leases, we can assist you with your commercial real estate purchase or sale.

Leasing Services

Can I negotiate the terms of my lease?

The terms of a lease are generally negotiable. Examples of negotiable terms include the length of the lease, the cost of rent, assignability or transferability of the lease, deposit amounts, price increases, and whether any modifications to the property are allowable.

What other things should I look for?

Every person’s situation is different. However, the following are examples of common topics that come up when meeting with new clients:

  • Be sure that the length of your lease fits with the needs of your business. If you are a property owner, you may be looking for a longer-term lease. However, if you are the renter of the property, short-term may be a better fit for you.
  • Examine any clauses that contain rent increases. As a renter, you need to understand exactly what increases mean and how they can affect you. As a property owner, you will need to be sure that you know how to execute on collecting rent increases.
  • Property modifications and improvements can often leave renters or property owners in a bind if they have not been reviewed thoroughly. Some clauses allow for either or both parties to make modifications or improvements, while others limit such things to one party. You may also wish to include information regarding inspection of a property at the end of a lease or discussion of pet deposits for the damage they may cause.
  • Understand the boundaries of the property involved and whether or not you will be providing use of all facilities or whether you have the ability to use them. This can include parking lots, gardens and courtyards, and bathroom facilities.
  • Ensure that the lease complies with all zoning laws in the locality where the property is located. This can also include whether or not signs or advertising can be erected on the property.
  • Be certain to consult an attorney before committing yourself to any terms. This includes paying a deposit, signing anything, making a verbal agreement, or moving anything to or from the property.

How do I handle a landlord dispute?

Review your lease contract and read for any terms and conditions that may be applied to your issue. Then, be sure to denote any rights and responsibilities that either you or your landlord are bound to. After reviewing these, see if the contract limits you to arbitration or mediation. Once you have done these things, contact us and we will schedule a consultation to discuss your next steps.

Real Estate Services

When you think about healthcare law practices, real estate might not be the first thing to enter your mind. However, the truth is that the acquisition of real estate is a common component of healthcare businesses. Whether you are acquiring property for a new practice, looking to open an additional location, we can help you to make informed decisions such as setting up an LLC. Your location is a primary facet of your practice’s identity but navigating the real estate leasing process takes precision and attention to detail.

Unwary practitioners who are not well-versed in real estate acquisitions can lose:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Potential patients if they do not choose the right location, or do not enter into a lease which suits their practice

Generally speaking, medical and dental practices are successful businesses which are highly sought after by commercial property owners. This can give your practice an enormous amount of leverage when it comes to securing and negotiating leases. Let us help you put that leverage to work for your practice.

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