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5 Suggestions to Improve Your Hiring Process

July 24, 2019
Hiring Process

The hiring process can be difficult and expensive. The process can be especially problematic if you end up hiring the wrong person and having to start all over again. Therefore, implementing a few innovative tactics can help you optimize your efforts and find the right person quickly and more easily. Here are 5 suggestions to improve your hiring techniques:

Write a detailed job description

If you do not specify the exact qualifications you seek and the requirements of the position, then you will waste time sifting through applicants who are either unqualified for or disinterested in the position’s responsibilities.

Improve your interview process

You do not wish to put off qualified candidates or fail to sift through those who are not. Plus, having a streamlined, script-based process helps to ensure that you are truly comparing apples to apples when choosing among candidates.

Respond to your reviews

This one is surprising for most employers. When companies such as Yelp or even Twitter or Facebook contain the unanswered complaints of disgruntled patients, interested applications may reconsider applying for your position. Replying to reviews - even if they are unfair - shows that you have interest in pleasing your patients and that you value their options. This can help you to bring in more quality applicants.

Consider the personality components of the job position

If your unfilled position involves spending time with the public, then all of the education and other formal skills in the world may not matter if they are overshadowed by a negative demeanor. Consider the real-life requirements of your position before making a hiring decision.

Embrace online hiring processes

In today’s tech-driven world, more and more companies are making it simpler to learn about their open positions from their website and even to apply online. Consider adopting some of these options in order to make it simple and convenient for qualified applicants to choose your practice when seeking employment.

By following the 5 steps above, you can reduce wasting time and money and help yourself to find an applicant who is the perfect fit for your practice. If you have questions relating to employment law, do not hesitate to contact our office.

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