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A Checklist for Building a Dental Practice from Scratch

July 20, 2022
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Are you interested in going into private practice in dentistry? If so, you may be thinking about buying a dental practice or , you might be thinking about building a practice from scratch. If you want total autonomy and independence of a practice owner and want the practice to look and feel exactly the way you want it to be, you may want to build your own dental practice, but there are a lot of moving parts involved. How can you place yourself in the best position possible to be successful? Take a look at our checklist for buying a dental practice, and learn more about what you need to do if you are interested in building a dental practice from the ground up. 

Your Ultimate Checklist for a Dental Practice Startup

Develop a Business Plan 

First, you need to develop a business plan if you are interested in building your own dental practice. This is an essential part of your checklist, and you need to think about the location of your new office, the team members you want to hire, and what you think your overhead expenses will be. You also need to project the number of patients you will treat, the hours you want to work, and how you will market to new patients and the local community. You might even want to reach out to a mentor in the local area who can help you develop a firm business plan. 

Consider Where the Financing Will Come From 

If you recently graduated from dental school, you probably don't have a lot of capital available. Therefore, you will need to find financing for your dental practice. It may be a good idea to get pre-approved with a dental lender so that you know what kind of practice you can buy or if you should build a new office.  There are many good dental lenders that we can refer you to when you are ready to move forward.

Think About the Location 

Of course, you need to think about where you will open your dental practice as well. You need to place your officebuilding in an area that is easy for people to find, but you probably don't want to open a practice too close to other practices. Remember that your business is an investment, and you might be able to maximize the value of your practice if you purchase a property. At the same time, this will require additional capital, so you need to factor it into your calculations. 

Put Together a Marketing Plan 

How are you going to convince patients to give you an opportunity? You need to put together a comprehensive marketing plan. The vast majority of people use the internet when they are looking for services they require, including dentistry. You need to identify a unique selling point that you can offer individuals and families in the local area. Why do you think people should choose you if they are looking for a dentist? Make sure you capitalize on it and get your name out there as much as possible. 

Work With the Team From Dental & Medical Counsel 

Ultimately, there are a lot of factors you need to consider if you are considering building your own dental practice. We have put together a comprehensive dental practice checklist, and it would be our pleasure to help you build a dental practice from the ground up. At Dental & Medical Counsel, we have a tremendous amount of experience working with people of all backgrounds, and we would love to put our experience to work for you. If you would like to learn more about how to build a dental practice from the ground up, contact us today to speak to a professional from our staff! We look forward to working with you. 

Your Ultimate Checklist for a Dental Practice Startup

At Dental & Medical Counsel, PC, we understand dentists have trouble navigating the legal process. We believe every dentist deserves the best advice and service so doctors can do what they do best, treat their patients. We make dentists' lives easier by providing expert guidance, so they can focus on their personal and professional aspirations.

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