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Employee Benefits are About More than Money

January 10, 2018
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In today’s competitive work environment, businesses need to do all they can to attract the top talent. But luring in the best staff doesn’t have to be all about the numbers. While a competitive salary is always a good starting point, there are benefits that you can offer which are not tied to earnings. According to SHRM's 2016 Survey of Employee Benefits, here are some benefits that the country’s top employers are using in order to set themselves apart from their competitors:

  • Health Savings Accounts. According to this report, the percentage of companies offering health savings accounts increased from 43% to 50% over the last year. This benefit also has the added advantage of making it financially advantageous for your employees to be mindful of their health needs, which is good news for everyone.
  • Professional Membership Benefits. For those who pay membership fees for professional organizations, reimbursement for these expenses (or arranging new membership outright) can be quite alluring. Again, this benefit has an added advantage in that you want your newest employees to belong to organizations which enhance their skills.
  • Training and Education. Another win-win. Keeping your staff up to date on the latest policies and procedures keeps your practice running at top peak, and it shows your employees that you value their contributions to your practice and that you are investing in their futures.
  • Telecommuting. This option is not always feasible for those in healthcare fields, but for some roles and responsibilities it may be worth consideration. Research has shown that telecommuting has a number of advantages both for employers and their workers.
  • Equipment upgrades and reimbursements. This one may be more important than you’d think. Depending upon the role for which you’re hiring, you may need to adjust your offering. But in theory, everyone from the front desk secretary to your newest practitioner benefits from an investment in technologies and updated equipment.

While it is true that salaries matter, you can still make your practice stand out by stepping outside the box of traditional employee benefits. Whether you’re looking to hire a new staff member or simply want to retain the employees you currently have, the offer to provide additional benefits can go a long way towards finding, and keeping, the best workers for your practice.

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