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Taking Care of Yourself While Running Your Practice

November 22, 2017
Dental Lawyer

For most Americans, the concept of a 40-hour workweek has gone out the window. While the idea of being "overworked" often conjures images of lower-level employees working multiple jobs, the truth is that professionals are just as likely to "overwork" themselves, especially when they see the success of their business as hanging in the balance. If you are frequently overworking yourself out of a sense of obligation to your practice (and therefore to your staff), you should know that overexertion can be extremely damaging to you and to your workforce.

When you are working extended hours, you likely feel as if you are getting a lot done. But if that were true, or if overworking yourself were truly a temporary measure, then your work hours would be cyclical - meaning that you may be working longer hours this week or this month, but returning to a more regular schedule soon thereafter. But if you are finding yourself working endless hours continuously, then you are likely not being as productive as you think. When you are exhausted, you are less likely to be patient or cordial with your staff or patients, which can hurt your business in the long run. You are also less likely to pay adequate attention to detail, and therefore are more likely to make mistakes. You should take a step back and assess whether those extra working hours are truly benefiting your practice.

For many practice owners, feeling the need to work to the point of exhaustion is often a sign of a reluctance to delegate tasks. Take a look at the work you feel the need to keep on your plate, and see if any of it could be delegated to a member of your staff. Even if that means giving someone a promotion or hiring more employees, the benefits to your practice could be well worth the investment. Remember that without you, your practice is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, only by doing, and being, your best can your practice thrive.

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