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Isabella La Faye

Client Success Advocate

Meet Isabella La Faye, your dedicated Client Success Advocate at Dental & Medical Counsel, P.C. With a passion for seamless client experiences, Isabella ensures your journey, from initial onboarding to ongoing support, is nothing short of exceptional.

Working closely with our legal team and under the guidance of our Head of Operations and CEO, Isabella is your primary point of contact, addressing inquiries promptly and troubleshooting effectively. Through nurturing strong relationships and understanding your evolving needs, she identifies opportunities to enhance services and deliver tailored solutions aligned with your requirements.

With a background in real estate salesperson licensing from Kaplan Real Estate Education and additional studies at San Francisco State University, Isabella brings a robust educational foundation to her role, enriching her client relations skills.

Monitoring client satisfaction levels and implementing proactive strategies to enhance experiences, Isabella collaborates with our legal and marketing teams to ensure client-centricity remains at the core of our operations. Additionally, she manages day-to-day email communication and task management for Mr. Ali Oromchian, ensuring operational efficiency.

Beyond the office, Isabella is a devoted mother of two who delights in planning themed events to create cherished memories with loved ones. As a music and dance enthusiast, she brings joy to every moment, fostering laughter and connection in all she does.

Prior Experience

  • Executive Assistant & Front Desk at Dental & Medical Counsel
  • Over a decade of serving doctors

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