A veterinarian was offered management of a veterinary chain’s large and lucrative clinic. Simultaneously he wanted to open his own non-competing practice clinic and hospital in a nearby city, which he would also oversee.


The clinic chain sought to require the veterinarian to execute agreements that severely limited his ability to operate another clinic within a distance of many miles. He also wanted to limit that distance and sought to avoid informing the chain that he intended to open his own non-competing clinic and hospital


Upon hiring Dental & Medical Counsel, their lawyers negotiated a much smaller geographic non-competition area, insisting through multiple rounds of discussions on an area limited to the city in which the chain’s clinic was located. As a result, the client was able to finalize his employment and management arrangement with the clinic chain while also opening his own clinic and hospital, with the opportunity to open more clinics of his own in the future in other neighboring cities.


Due to Dental & Medical Counsel’s experience and negotiations, the client is able to both oversee his own clinic and hospital and manage the chain’s clinic, all while being able to expand his own operations into other cities.


The client will soon open his own clinic and hospital while also managing the chain’s clinic. In the end, Dental & Medical Counsel preserved the client’s ability to operate in additional cities nearby when the client is ready to expand his own operations.

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